Story! Magazin Rohrblatt interview

Story! Magazin Rohrblatt interview

You cannot afford in a leading position, not to have a clue about the Boehm clarinet

Enclosed is an earlier article from the magazine rohrblatt, Schondorf, 13 (of 1998), issue 3 , p.125-126

“Man kann es sich in führender Position nicht leisten, keine Ahnung von der Boehm-Klarinette zu haben.“

An interview with Dirk Altmann, solo clarinetist of the RSOrchestra Stuttgart by Wilfried Berk

The interview was made on the occasion of a concert on 20.06.1998 in the St. Martin church in Seelze b. Hanover, in which Dirk Altmann shone with several solos – on the C clarinet in Franz Schubert’s Offertorium Totus in corde langueo”, on the Bb clarinet in Olivier Messiaen’s “Abyss of the Birds” from the “Quartet to the End of Time” and in Giacinto Scelsi’s “Ixor”, then on the basset horn in Karl Stamitz’ Concerto with Orchestra – in addition as conductor.

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